Aman to leader Labour to Elections 2018

  • 10th March 2018
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Human Rights lawyer Aman Ravindra Singh will lead the
Fiji Labour Party into the 2018 general elections.

His appointment was made at FLP’s National Council meeting in Nadi this morning. More than 40 delegates from around the country met at the Trans International Hotel today to make the appointment and discuss matters regarding the Party’s campaign strategy.

Mahendra Chaudhry retains the position of Party Leader in a split agreement which will enable him to continue to conduct the administrative affairs of the Party leaving Aman Singh free to run the national campaign.

The decision to appoint a person to lead the Party into the elections arises from the fact that Mr Chaudhry has been disqualified from contesting the election.

In his acceptance speech, Mr Singh said he was proud to lead the Party into the elections. “Labour has won twice. I am sure we can do it a third time.”

He said the Party will be targeting the 34% undecided voters. He called on members to work to together and hoped to be able to garner support for the Party by bringing in new members and welcoming old ones back into the fold.

Mr Chaudhry told the meeting the time was ripe for a change of government. “People everywhere – around the grog bowl, in the business community, around the home are clamouring for a change. Housewives are fed up of struggling to make ends meet faced with abysmally low wage rates and ever-rising costs of living.

“It is unfortunate that opposition political parties have been unwilling to cash in on the mood of the people and unite to form a grand coalition against the ruling party.

“Labour has been trying unsuccessfully since the 2014 general elections to get the opposition parties to contest as a united front. It is regrettable that parties are putting their own agendas ahead of the national interest,” Mr Chaudhry said.

The National Council approved a cooperation agreement with the Fiji United Freedom Party which will allow the two parties to campaign jointly, work towards a  common manifesto and share resources.

Labour hopes to announce its first batch of candidates towards the end of the month.