Can Daniel Urai Count?

  • 31st August 2012
  • 2012
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The Anthony/Daniel duo have done it again! This time they are claiming that the FTUC has pulled out its 300,000 members from the Fiji Labour Party.

This claim was made by Dan Urai in a statement he gave today to FBC news. Urai claims that the decision was taken by the FTUC last month but not publicized.

Asked why such an important decision was not publicized, he could not come up with a credible explanation. This was referred to the FLP Leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, by FBC news for comments.

Mr Chaudhry’s comments:

“FTUC was never affiliated to the Fiji Labour Party so the question of pulling out does not arise. It is true that the FTUC played a lead role in the formation of the Labour Party. But it is equally true that it never officially affiliated itself to the FLP. 

“I am reliably informed that no such decision was taken by the FTUC at any of its conferences. If such a decision was taken as claimed by Daniel Urai then:

• Why was this not conveyed to the FLP? and

• Why was it not publicized at the time?

“What mandate do Felix Anthony and Daniel Urai have to speak for the individual affiliates and rank and file members of the FTUC without obtaining their consent?

“FTUC has a membership of 30,000 workers at best. The total number of people in regular paid employment in Fiji is less than 200,000 – so, where did Urai get another 100,000 from?

“It is regrettable that the duo have now descended to fabrications and concoctions to pursue their personal agendas,” Mr Chaudhry said.