FLP questions move to stall multi-party cabinet case

  • 6th September 2002
  • 2002
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Fiji Labour Party is shocked to hear that the multi-party cabinet case is being deferred to next year as reported in today’s Fiji Times.

Fiji Labour Party believes that this is an issue of great concern to the nation and needs to be pursued with great urgency by the judiciary.

There are abundant precedents of similar situations in other parts of the world, which have given great priority to similar cases over the other pending cases. In the most recent and publicised dispute over the 2000 Presidential Election, Florida count, the Federal Supreme Court in the United States was summoned within 24 hours.

When will Fiji learn that we need to move fast over issues of national concern such as the constituency crisis currently facing Fiji.

Hundreds of investors are waiting to hear from the courts on the outcome of multi-party case. Similarly, major donors for big projects such as the Rewa Bridge, have clearly indicated that no major projects will be undertaken until the constitutional matter is resolved.

Hundreds of locals have postponed their own business investment and plans for construction of houses until they know that their rights are protected.

The Judiciary in Fiji must give good governance a major priority. Only then can we begin to regain international respect and recognition and instil confidence in our own people.