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  • 8th December 2013
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Hello and Welcome to the FLP website

“Fiji today faces its biggest challenge as a nation. Seven years of repressive authoritarian military rule has been a disaster for Fiji. Our civil and political rights have been severely curtailed, the media is not free and critics of the regime have been persecuted, assaulted and intimidated. Several draconian decrees which severely restrict human and trade union rights are rigidly enforced.

Life is a constant struggle for almost half our population who are now living in poverty made worse by high unemployment and rising cost of living.

The regime’s constitution is an imposition. It is undemocratic, has no input from the people and is deeply flawed in several respects: the authority, independence and jurisdiction of the judiciary remains circumscribed. Power is concentrated in the hands of the Prime Minister and the Attorney General, and draconian decrees promulgated since 2009 remain in force, overriding the fundamental rights guaranteed in the constitution.

Electoral arrangements are questionable – free and fair elections cannot be held under the proposed system. The constitution has clearly been crafted to consolidate the regime’s hold on power and perpetuate its rule.

Above all, there is a total lack of accountability and transparency in government’s dealings. Its accounts and the Auditor General’s reports have not been published for the past seven years. Despite repeated calls, the Prime Minister and Attorney General have refused to disclose their salaries, reported to be in excess of $1 million each annually.

The next 10 months will be critical to our future. You must see through the regime’s political machinations, rhetoric and vote buying tactics, to its devious agenda and the mess it has made of our nation.

We invite you to join the Fiji Labour Party in our stand against the regime’s self-serving constitution and our struggle to restore Fiji to a stable and secure future with the restoration of the rule of law, genuine democracy and responsible governance.”

God Bless Fiji

Mahendra Chaudhry

FLP Manifesto for the 2018 General Elections. Download here »