Khaiyum’s hypocrisy on climate change

  • 19th July 2019
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AG Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum travels all the way to New York to tell the world that “Fiji as a small island nation was held hostage to the climate crisis”.(FT 19 July)

While back at home, his government appears to be letting the Chinese company Freesoul  ravage our pristine coastal environment at Malolo Island with impunity.

Is this company not holding “our small island nation hostage” by causing enormous damage to the environment on the tourism resort island of Malolo, Mr Khaiyum?

What urgency is your government and, you as Attorney General,  giving  the case against Freesoul?

As far as we know, Freesoul has only been charged with failure to comply with a stop work order?  Not for damaging our environment.

We were told by the DPP, in the wake of all that hoo-ha in early April when three NZ journalists were arrested by “rogue” police officers, that more charges will follow.

Well, DPP Sir, it is almost four months since you made that statement, we are still waiting for these additional charges to be laid against Freesoul!

Not only that, we are also waiting:

  • for the results of that “full inquiry” against “rogue” Police officers who arrested the journalists as promised by PM Bainimarama. Compol Qiliho should enlighten us on this development.
  • for any developments in the case against Freesoul. As in the Praveen Bala ‘accident’ case saga, all we seem to hear is that the case keeps getting deferred. It was due to be heard in the Nadi Magistrate’s Court on 24 June but was deferred when the Magistrate “failed to turn up”  – the same excuse that was used to keep deferring the Bala case.

Stop this hypocrisy, Mr Khaiyum and your attempts to fool the world with your Qorvis-written speeches.

Your FIRST PRIORITY should be to deal with all the man-made environmental devastation taking place in our country, over which we do have some control. We have no control over climate-related effects on our small island nation.

Unless we see some urgency in dealing with Freesoul and others of the same ilk who are being allowed to indiscriminately damage our environment, all statements you make in the global arena are seen at home as just hollow rhetoric and hyprocrisy!