Labour’s response to Krishna Datt

  • 29th June 2012
  • 2012
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Krishna Datt was expelled from the Fiji Labour Party for breach of Party discipline. His attack on the FLP Leader at a media conference in Suva today, therefore, smacks too much of political vendetta.

He faced expulsion from the Party, along with some others, not because he was a threat to the leadership but because he went against Party values and principles, particularly in supporting policies that hurt the poor such as the hike in Vat to 15%, when he was a Minister in the multi-party Cabinet in 2006.

Mr Datt is now trying to pose as a political saint but everybody knows how self-serving he has been in his political career.

As for his snide remark that “having lost credibility among Indian voters, (FLP) was now wooing Fijian support by leaning on Qarase”, well, this is not the first time Krishna Datt will be staking his political future on such baseless claims. He obviously refuses to face the reality on the ground.

“Labour’s support among the grassroots is intact. But Mr Datt is welcome to put this to the test,” said Mr Chaudhry.

“The FLP is a democratic entity and its party leadership has always been elected. My position as secretary-general of the Party is an elected one. So is that of Party Leader, and it is based on the overwhelming mandate of the electorate,” Mr Chaudhry said.

In any case, there are more important issues of national significance to occupy the attention of the FLP, than the misguided ravings of a person who can’t quite decide whether he wants to form a new political party or not. It won’t take him long to realize that in the political arena there is no place for people with confused minds.

“What we are doing along with the SDL and the UPP, is to try and unite the nation as it treads the path back to democracy and constitutional rule via general elections. This process can only be credible and legitimate if it is based on fundamental universal values and principles.