Neglected Ra infrastructure takes heavy battering from the floods

  • 10th February 2012
  • 2012
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The pictures (above and below) show the utterly sorry state of rural roads, irish crossings, creeks and streams in Ra. The pictures were taken 9 February in Gallau, a few kilometers away from the Vaileka township.

“There is too much idle talk about improving living conditions in the rural villages and settlements but not much is done about it by the government, said Labour Leader Mahendra Chaudhry who is surveying flood ravaged areas in the West.

“Hardly any work has been done in the last five years to improve our roads and crossings. An Irish crossing badly damaged years ago remains unattended to this day despite promises by George Shiu Raj and Ra district officials to have it fixed”, said a villager whose children have to cross the fast flowing stream over which stands the partly damaged crossing, to go to school.

A circular road once serviced the residents of the area but buses can no longer use the damaged crossing. As a result school children, in particular, have to walk several kilometers to school every day. The crossing is extremely dangerous during wet weather.

The Gallau Road, which is frequently flooded in wet weather, is without side drains   which have disappeared due to silting over the years.

The rural folk were very critical about the lack of concern by the authorities to problems they continue to face on a daily basis.

And in Tavua…

Poorly constructed road washed away by flood waters at Nabuna