Reaction Budget 2014

  • 8th November 2013
  • 2013
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“Budget 2014 is a reckless, vote buying budget,” says Labour Leader Mahendra Chaudhry.

“You can promise anything. It is the delivery that is important and this government has a record of not delivering on its promises,” he said.

Its Budget sessions have become a meaningless exercise. Government expenditure has not adhered to budgetary allocations and there has been no accountability or transparency in government’s financial dealings since 2009 when the Constitution was purportedly abrogated.

“Budgets presented since then have had no credibility and are not sustainable,” said Mr Chaudhry. The Revenue for Budget 2014, at $2.7 billion, has been deliberately overstated to present a lower deficit at 1.9% of the GDP, he said.

State assistance for first home owners was also offered in Budget 2013.

Has anyone received any money under this scheme? Similar promises are being made again in Budget 2014.

“People’s major concern is the very very high cost of living. The don’t want this administration and will not be bought by reckless promises,” Mr Chaudhry said.