Robbery puts NZ firm out of business

  • 27th April 2003
  • 2003
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A New Zealand contractor has gone out of business after having been robbed for the 30th time since arriving in Fiji nine nine years ago.

Tom Gollop, a building constructor and owner of Craftsman Company, is estimated to have incurred a loss of more than $40,000, within the nine years, the Fiji Times reported.

On 23rd April the company was broken into the ninth time and robbed of machinery worth $9,000.

Mr Gollop said he would lay off his 7 employees. He expressed his anger towards the police for failing to take any action despite being aware of the robberies.

He said that he would not like to invest in a country that did not take care of its investors.

Police Commissioner, Moses Driver called the happenings unfortunate and denied his allegation that the police was not doing anything.