Sanity prevails over flag change issue: Bainimarama backs off!

  • 18th August 2016
  • 2016
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Prime Minister’s announcement to reverse the flag change decision is a triumph of the will of the people, says Labour.

“It is good thfiji flag2at the Prime Minister has finally come to his senses and has decided not to force through changes to the Fiji flag,” said Labour Leader Mahendra Chaudhry.

Even though the people of Fiji had shown overwhelming opposition to any change to the current flag, the PM had insisted on unilaterally imposing a change regardless.

He had ignored strong opposition from both within Fiji and from former Fiji residents living overseas, to change the flag because he said it carried overtones of our colonial past.

The nation’s opposition to a flag change was undeniable. SODELPA’s youth wing had fronted up with petitions carrying more than 20,000 signatures to retain the flag. Besides, people had spoken out strongly through letters to newspapers, on radio talk back shows as well as the social media opposing the change.

The Prime Minister had even refused calls for a national referendum on the issue. Thousands of dollars had been spent on a futile flag design competition.

“We are glad the will of the people has finally prevailed over the dictatorial whims of the government. This is a good example of how people power can be used to confront undemocratic and unpopular decisions of a government,” said Mr Chaudhry.