Victor Lal caught with his pants down …

  • 14th June 2012
  • 2012
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WHERE is that 40-page document Victor Lal that you claim links Mahendra Chaudhry to the 2006 coup?

In your blog piece (courtesy Coup 4.5) of 5 June 2012 you went BIG on claims that: “Military Council documents link Chaudhry to the 2006 coup: Chaudhry prepared 40-page report against SDL and PM Laisenia Qarase for Bainimarama to overthrow the SDL-FLP multi-party government”.

Mr Chaudhry and the FLP refuted the existence of any such report prepared by the Labour Leader. Now that your lie has been exposed – you are slinking away with your tail between your legs with a mild: “one of these days…” you will produce the documentary evidence.

This is exactly the point we are making. You malign people you target without any shred of evidence based simply on gossip or hearsay. If you were an academic and “journalist” of any repute, you would not smear a person’s integrity without solid proof, no matter how much you dislike that person. In this case, you have made it more than obvious that it was fabricated by you to drive a wedge between him and Mr. Qarase

You are now trying to bring in all kinds of red herrings into the issue, simply to detract attention away from your lies. The issue is: you maligned the Labour Leader without a scrap of evidence, and lack the courage to apologise.

By your own admission you are one of Mr. Chaudhry’s “bitterest critics” – that reveals a lot about your attacks on Chaudhry. “Bitter” is a very harsh emotion that implies strong resentment against a perceived wrong. That’s the very point we are making: you harbor a grudge against Chaudhry because he once ignored your advice, thereby hurting your ego. Your hatred of Mahendra Chaudhry goes back much longer than the so-called million-dollar case.

By the way, it’s very interesting how the amount varies with your every article – first it was a million dollars, then it became $2m and in your last diatribe it rose to $3 million. In any case, why are you so rapt up about the money in Mr Chaudhry’s Australian bank account?

It has never been an issue with the donors of the money – they have never raised any questions about it. So, why are you getting so agitated about it?

As for the businessmen who pressured Mr Chaudhry to take up the Finance portfolio – these are matters of a personal nature that one does not divulge to satisfy the curiosity of vectors! In any case, if Victor Lal is the investigative snoop he claims to be, why doesn’t he find out for himself?