2012 cane crop likely to be below 2m tonnes

  • 8th March 2012
  • 2012
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The sugar cane crop for 2012 is likely to be around 1.8m tonnes and not 2.1m tonnes as stated by SCGC.

“A survey conducted by NFU officials in the cane belt has revealed that the crop has suffered heavy damage in the flats as well as over hilly areas because of water logging and land slips,” said National Farmers Union president Surendra Lal.

The original crop forecast of 2.4 million tonnes by industry officials, revealed by SCGC acting CEO Sundressan Chetty, was exaggerated as is their revised forecast of 2.1m tonnes.

In their assessment FSC and SCGC had factored in likely enhanced yield from the replanting programme of last year. However, this failed to achieve the targets set for each mill area because of the haphazard manner in which the scheme was administered.

All this talk about cogeneration, ethanol etc are just empty words when we do not have the volume of cane required to make these projects viable.

“It is just too much to hear FSC chairman Abdul Khan making all sorts of confusing and unrealistic media statements about the industry virtually every day of the week.

“He would do well to carefully study what can be achieved under the extremely difficult conditions facing the farmers today,” said Mr Lal.

FSC should act urgently to appoint a professional CEO to take charge and relieve Mr Khan to save the embarrassment he is causing the Corporation’s management team, and the sugar industry, said Mr. Lal.