Australian Nationals Financed Coup!!

  • 5th August 2003
  • 2003
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A Senior Australian trade unionist and political figure wants Australian nationals who allegedly funded the May 2000 coup extradited to face trial.

Tony Sheldon, NSW branch secretary of the Transport Works Union and the NSW vice president of the Australian Labor Party, during an interview with the Fiji Times said they have evidence of nationals who had backed the coup. He said it was only recently that enough documentary evidence and sworn statements were put together to prove the allegations.

He said that the matter would be taken up with the Australian Government and the Opposition to pursue the matter with the proper legal authorities.

Mr Sheldon said that the involvement of Australian nationals in the coup of other countries is in breach of the Australian terrorism law.

He further said that those involved would be dealt with in Australia as it was breaking Australian law. He said that extradition procedures should get underway as those involved were still in the country.