Bakoso threatens to expose SDL government

  • 19th April 2005
  • 2005
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A man charged with coup related crimes is now threatening to expose corruption in the SDL Government as he fights to keep a 11-year girl from being deported to China.

Jiojo Bakoso says he has documents to prove corruption in the government as well as files on several prominent persons including senior police officers and government ministers who owe money to the girl’s mother, businesswoman Yan Xiu Hua, widely dubbed ‘mafia queen’ by the local media, who was deported recently.

Bakoso is alleging that “these people”, the debtors in positions of power, got rid of her because they couldn’t pay her back.

Yan’s daughter Hsu Cheng Wei has gone into hiding while her lawyer seeks a stay order from the courts to prevent her deportation.

Wei has a Fiji passport which was revoked by the government because it believes the document was obtained illegally.