Bus fares face cuts

  • 12th September 2003
  • 2003
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Land Transport Tribunal has ordered the Land Transport Authority to decrease bus fares immediately after it unlawfully granted bus operators a 5 percent increase in June.

Tribunal Sir Vijay Singh said the acting LTA chief executive Isoa Tamani had breached rules and procedures by granting a 2.5 percent increase on January 1 last year. He also ordered the LTA in paragraph 91 (d) to publish new schedule of fares.

The ruling was made after FLP official Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi appealed against the decision of increasing the fare on the grounds that public submissions were not called for prior to the increase.

The report highlighted numerous breeches of rules and procedures by the LTA. It states that the decision to increase the fare by 2.5 percent was null and void as it was not the authority’s decision to make.

The general public is eagerly awaiting the decrease in fares.