Chaudhry in Death threat

  • 5th January 2005
  • 2005
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Mahendra Chaudhry and three other outspoken executive members of the Fiji Labour Party are targets in an alleged assassination plot.

Police are treating the threat seriously and are holding a former soldier for questioning in connection with the plot.

The three others on the hit list are party president Jokapeci Koroi, Labasa MP Poseci Bune and Senator Dr. Atu Emberson-Bain.

It is believed the threat may be linked to the fact that all four have been relentlessly critical and outspoken about the SDL government’s record of mismanagement, official corruption and defiance of the rule of law.

Government came under intense fire recently on its decision to grant early release from prison to former Vice President Ratu Jope Seniloli convicted of coup-related charges, after he had served only two months of a three year jail term.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (crime) Kavueli Bulamainaivalu told the media the man was already under investigation for coup-related crimes. He was nabbed in Nadi in the week-end.

Although no names have been released, the former soldier has served a two-year jail term on Nukulau Island along with George Speight, the purported leader in the 2000 coup.

Police say they are even more worried considering that some weapons remained missing and unaccounted for after the 2000 coup.