Delays in FNPF pension payments inexcusable

  • 23rd April 2012
  • FNPF
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The Fiji Labour Party is absolutely appalled at the insensitivity and utter lack of responsibility FNPF has displayed in its handling of pension payouts.

Daily for the past week, scores of seniors have patiently crowded the Pensions office and walkways at the FNPF head office in Suva waiting for their meager pension payment.

As it is their pension payouts have been reduced by half and now they are being forced to fork out scarce funds in bus and taxi fares day after day in the hope of receiving their payments from the Fund.

All we have been getting from the Provident Fund management in response are empty promises that payout will be made today or tomorrow.

The truth is that FNPF rushed into this exercise without much thought or expertise.

It should have known that handling some 12,000 pension re-registration and payments would be a mammoth task. Even then it just gave itself one month after the cut-off date to handle all the paperwork.

What is the big rush? There is no danger of the Fund going bankrupt tomorrow. If it had to impose this illegal exercise (a breach of contract) on the country’s elderly, it should have at least given itself three clear months after the cut-off date to get all its paperwork in order before imposing the new rates.

FLP calls on the FNPF management to show more sensitivity towards the plight of seniors, the majority of whom are dependent on their pension payouts each month to put food on their tables and meet their other pressing commitments.