EU monitors Fiji’s amnesty Bill

  • 27th June 2005
  • 2005
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The European Union is closely monitoring developments on the amnesty Bill in the wake of widespread public criticism of the proposed legislation, says a EU spokesperson.

Critics believe the Bill which provides amnesty for all those who took part in the 2000 coup that overthrew a democratically elected government, is in breach of various United Nations conventions, and the EU’s Cotonou Agreement with the ACP countries.

Amadue Altafaz, a spokesperson for Development and Humanitarian Aid told Fiji Live news that Brussels was liaising closely with its Suva office on the implications of the Bill, and developments regarding its passage through Parliament.

The EU had suspended aid to Fiji following the 2000 coup. Altafaz said when cooperation with Fiji was resumed in 2003, the European Commission had it clear in a letter to the President that it would closely monitor the law and order situation in Fiji.

The EU had also stressed the need for respect for the human and political rights of all sections of society and inclusiveness in political decision making, he said.

It had emphasised the need for all those responsible in the 2000 coup, to be brought to justice.