Financial Anomalies at Nasinu Town Council queried by Bune

  • 27th August 2004
  • 2004
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Revelations have surfaced that the Nasinu Town Council which is run by the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua (SDL) had been engaging itself in unscrupulous and questionable deals.

Public Accounts Committee Chairman, Poseci Bune has called on the Auditor General to investigate the affairs of the Council.

“We have received information that recently the Mayor had approved up to 100 per cent salary increase for the senior management staff including the Town Clerk,” he said.

“The party also calls for investigations over a deal involving the Mayor’s private vehicle,” Mr Bune said.

He said it was understood that a vehicle that was owned by the Mayor was purportedly traded in and subsequently purchased by the council as the Mayor’s official vehicle.

Mr Bune said it appears that the parties include Councillor Suresh Singh, who is also the Director of Finance and Manager of National Sales, for the company involved in the ‘sale’ of the vehicle.

“It is also believed that the council paid close to $43,000 for the vehicle in question, which is well above its market price,” he said.

This transaction is white-collar crime and corruption in its most obvious form. The purchase of the Mayor’s private vehicle done in the round–about manner is highly irregular and merits investigation from the relevant authorities.