First PAC meeting cancelled as “Government” members boycott

  • 13th November 2014
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The action of  Government members of the Public Accounts Committee to
sabotage its work was to be expected given the damning revelations of abuse,PAC
mismanagement, fraud, embezzlement and conversion reported in the
Auditor-General’s  reports for the years 2007-2013.

The raids on the Treasury by Ali Baba and company during their 7 year rule are now out in the open and must somehow be suppressed to save their skins. But the damage is done.

The rising tide of public outrage at the plain dishonesty and deceit of those who were shouting slogans of accountability  and transparency  will not be quelled by boycotting or cancelling  meetings of PAC.

The real clean up must now begin by exposing and bringing to justice all those who hid behind a shroud of secrecy for 7 long years to fill their pockets, showing scant regard for accountability and transparency.

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