FLP comments on FT editorial Let us Rejoice

  • 21st August 2013
  • 2013
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The Fiji Times editorial comment today titled “Let us Rejoice” based on the AG’s announcement that the regime’s constitution will be out tomorrow, is something of a laugh.

How can we rejoice over something we have not seen, that has still not been released.

Furthermore, one must ask FT Editor Fred Wesley what is there to ‘rejoice’ in having a constitution shoved down the nation’s throat? The regime arbitrarily purportedly abrogated the people’s 1997 Constitution which had wide support from a good cross section of the community; it then trashed the draft constitution prepared by the Ghai Commission after equally wide-ranging consultations with the people.

Now it is imposing on us its own version of a constitution to which there has been no popular contribution. How can anyone rejoice in such circumstances, Mr Wesley?

Secondly, it is surprising that nowhere in the 400-word editorial comment does the Editor of the Fiji Times express any concern on the need for the regime’s constitution to uphold and prescribe universal values and principles of democracy and human rights and those of good governance – considering that the regime’s first draft failed dismally in this regard.

It is a sad day for our already-beleaguered nation when leading media organisations in our country fail to articulate the need to ensure that such fundamental human values be written into our constitution.

A nation’s constitution is a very important document as the supreme law of the land. One can’t just accept any imposition that comes in the guise of a constitution, as the Fiji Times appears to want us to.

To add insult to injury, the regime has invited registered political parties to a “briefing” session tomorrow on its constitution. But has made clear no discussions or comments on the document will be entertained.