FLP names first lot of candidates

The Fiji Labour Party has released its slate of first 25 candidates for the 2006 elections headed by Party Leader Mahendra Chaudhry.

The FLP Management Board met last night and approved the nominations of 25 candidates to contest the 2006 general elections.

The candidates and their constituencies are listed below. The remaining candidates will be named in the next few days as and when the process of consultation is completed in each of the remaining constituencies.

Indian Communal Constituencies

  1. Vitilevu East Maritime Sanjeet Maharaj
    Sitting MP, Age:52
    Cane farmer, social worker
  2.  Tavua Anand Babla
    Sitting MP since 1992
    Cane farmer, social worker
  3. Ba East Jain Kumar
    Cane farmer, Vice Chairman Sugar Cane Growers Council
    Age: 47
  4. Lautoka Rural Udit Narayan
    Sitting MP since 2001
    Retired FSC Traffic Supervisor
  5.  Lautoka City Jai Shree Gawander
    Research Manager FSC Sugar Cane Research Centre, Lautoka
    Age: 53
  6.  Nadroga Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi
    Sitting MP since 1992
  7. Vitilievu South/Kadavu Chaitanya Lakshman
    Lawyer, Social Worker
    Age: 38
  8.  Laucala Dewan Chand
    Retired College Principal
    Social Worker
    Age: 62
  9. Nasinu Krishna Datt
    MP since 1994
  10. Tailevu/Rewa Ragho Nand
    Sitting MP – since 1999
    Retired Head Teacher,
    Age: 62
  11.  Macuata East/Cakaudrove Vijay Chand
    Senior Information Officer
    Ministry of Information
    Age: 50


  12.  Tailevu North/Ovalau Tomasi Tokelauvere
    Trade Unionist
    Former Journalist
  13. Nasinu/Rewa Azim Hussein
    Primary School Head Teacher
    Age: 51
  14. Cunnigham Ramesio Rogovakalali
    Industrial Relations Officer,
    Fijian Teachers Association
    Age: 61
  15. Laucala Open Vijay Krishna Nair
    Social Worker
  16. Suva City Tom Ricketts
    Manager Credit Management Unit – Colonial National Bank
    Age: 61
  17.  Lami Open Filimoni Lacanivalu
    Head of Fijian Court
    Fijian Affairs Board
    Age: 62
  18. Tavua Damodran Nair Sitting MP
    Former FSC Field Advisor
  19. Ba Mahendra P. Chaudhry
    Leader Fiji Labour Party
    MP since 1987
    Age: 63
  20. Mogodro Gaffar Ahmed
    MP since 1994
    Former Police Officer
  21. Lautoka City Daniel Urai
    Sitting MP since 2001,
    Trade Unionist
    Age: 46
  22. Nadi Amjad Ali
    MP since 1999
    Age: 57
  23. Nadroga Mesulame Rakuro
    Civil Servant, Ministry of Works
    Age: 59
  24. Serua/Navosa Peni Dakua
    Director of Education SDA Church
    Age: 61
  25.  Bua/Macuata West Lemeki Mosese Qalibau
    Civil Servant
    Ministry of Health
    Age: 51