FLP questions Army leadership change

  • 3rd August 2015
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The people of Fiji need an explanation on the sudden resignation of Brigadier-General Mosese Tikoitoga as Army Commander, says FLP President Lavinia Padarath.

“The sudden change in the leadership of the military raises questions coming as it does on the heels of reports of dissatisfaction in the Army High Command over the doings of the Attorney General and revelations of improper use of public funds in the Auditor General’s reports ,” Ms Padarath said.

Labour is particularly concerned at comments made in the Fiji Times today by acting Commander, Viliame Naupoto that he had told Commander Tikoitoga that he (Tikoitoga) was “not untouchable”.

“The comment is highly unprofessional and calls into question Naupoto’s ability and competence to handle such an important and sensitive office as that of Army Commander,” she said.

We do not accept that Naupoto’s appointment is properly done considering that the Constitutional Offices Commission did not meet formally to approve it.

The Commission cannot delegate its authority to the Chairman to make appointments, including acting appointments to the offices which come under its purview.