FLP questions Shameem’s appointment

  • 18th May 2014
  • 2014
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Fiji Labour Party questions the appointment of formerNazhat shameem judge Nazhat Shameem as Fiji’s permanent representative to the UN based in Geneva.

In a statement issued today the Assistant Secretary-General of the Party, Mr Kini Marawai said that the position was not advertised. 

“It seems that Ms Shameem was hand picked by the prime minister ahead of many senior career officers in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the public service generally,” said Mr Marawai. 

Ms Shameem was appointed as government’s legal consultant on a very lucrative remuneration package which has not been disclosed to the public. 

Mr Marawai said that Nazhat Shameem had been actively assisting the regime over the years and it seems she has been chosen to leave Fiji ahead of the elections in September to live near her children who are in London.

“It’s quite obviously jobs for the “girls”. The prime minister must explain why Ms Shameem was appointed ahead of other deserving officers in the service and why the position was not advertised.” 

Mr Marawai also questioned the need for the creation of yet another diplomatic post when Fiji already has a permanent representative for the UN based in New York.  

“This is totally unnecessary and an additional burden on the taxpaper just like the recently opened Fiji missions in Abu Dhabi and Brazil. The Fiji Embassy in Brussels has the capacity to handle whatever additional work is required,” Mr Marawai said.