FLP to contest all Municipal Elections

  • 4th October 2002
  • 2002
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The Fiji Labour Party is standing on its own in contesting the municipal elections to be held next Saturday, 12 October 2002.

FLP is contesting all seats (with the exception of one in Sigatoka) in all the municipalities.

“We have a very good multiracial line-up,” Labour leader Mahendra Chaudhry said.

In Suva the FLP is facing a three-way battle against the SDL/New Labour Unity Party on the one hand and a conglomerate comprising the NFP, the Democratic Party, the SVT , the United General Party and the rump of what was once the Fijian Association Party.

In Lautoka and Nadi, the Party is again facing a three-way battle with the SDL and the NFP. In Ba, the contest is between the FLP, the NFP and the Ratepayers and Citizens Association.

In Labasa the FLP faces the Ratepayers Association led by the much discredited former NFP parliamentarian Charan Jeath Singh.

In Sigatoka the FLP is contesting two out of the three wards.

The Party has released a manifesto for each municipality and it is vigorously holding campaign meetings in the lead up to next week’s polls.