FLP’s Fiji Day Message

  • 8th October 2003
  • 2003
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As we celebrate Fiji Day this year, we need to focus on the need for unity and reconciliation.

This is important after the turbulence and racial tensions of the past three years that have wrenched our people apart and undermined the trust and confidence essential to nation building.

However, after what we have gone through at the hands of vested interest groups, it needs more than just lip service and mere rhetoric to restore this trust and understanding. What Fiji needs today is action that proves the sincerity and genuineness of our desire to create one nation, one people. Reconciliation and unity cannot be achieved through hollow official speeches and merrymaking.

True reconciliation can only be achieved by granting justice to those wronged. Peace and freedom for the future will find firm roots only on a foundation of enlightened democracy where equality and social justice ensure equal opportunities for all; where there is no vestige of racial discrimination; and where the rule of law ensures the safety, security and rights of all citizens.

We must ensure that the corrupt and greedy in our society receive the highest punishment.

As a multiracial society, we still have many serious hurdles to overcome before we can confidently face the future together as one nation. To resolve these problems we need to pitch our collective talents and skills in a combined effort to work in the interest of our beloved nation.

The Fiji Labour Party believes this can be best achieved by a responsible government that cares for the nation and all its people; a government that has a vision and the political will to unite Fiji and move her on the road to economic prosperity and social justice.

Fiji Day should be an occasion for introspection, an opportunity for us to ponder on where we are headed as a nation.

Mahendra Chaudhry
Labour Parliamentary Leader