Illegal polling at Nadera

Labour candidate for the Laucala Open, Vijay Krishna, is seeking to have polling at the Reba Circle in Nadera today declared null and void because it was illegally conducted.

The polling at Rishikul Nadera Primary School at Reba Circle was Gazetted to be held on Friday 12 May and not today (11 May), an incensed Vijay Nair said.

“Only SDL knew about the unscheduled polling. They had their shed erected there early morning and voting was in full progress when I found out about it,” Mr Nair said.

“I want to know what is happening. This is a clear indication that the Elections Office is in collusion with the SDL,” Mr Nair said.

Mr Nair said the significant point was that ballot boxes had been opened in the morning without the agents of other political parties being present to inspect the boxes.

“This is clearly illegal and against Electoral regulations. I want the ballot boxes to be seized and the polling at Reba Circle today declared null and void.

“With no other political party being present except the SDL, the ballot box could easily have been stuffed with SDL votes. Voting at this particular station must be declared null and void,” Mr. Nair insisted.