Indian men brutalised by Police

  • 8th November 2002
  • 2002
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Three Indian men who reported a crime were brutally assaulted by the Police, hung upside down naked and forced to pay $1000 before they were freed.

The men claim they were subjected to racial taunts and told that Indians were not wanted in the country.

The incident took place last week at the police station at Valelevu, a suburb of Suva. The three men, Jiten Prakash Sen 21, Manoj Kumar 29 and Ugra Sen 37 were brutalised by seven indigenous police officers after they reported the theft of their car starter.

The police accused the three of stealing their own starter and then beat them up forcing them to admit to the crime.

The men carried bruises on their stomach and back. They were given food to eat but the food was smacked away as they tried to eat. “They kept telling us to eat, all the while hitting us,” Jiten told the local media.

“They even told us to remove our clothes and they hung us upside down,” the men said.
They were detained overnight and were only released after they were forced to pay $1000 cash. The employee of a spare parts shop in Navua was similarly abused by the police during investigations into the alleged theft. He claimed the officers kept beating him in the vehicle while transporting him to the Valelevu police station.

Police say the matter is under investigation. However, the Fiji Labour Party is very concerned at this brutal and inhumane action of police officers. It appears to be a new phenomena of oppression against the Indian community here and confirms FLP’s stand that Indians are denied protection of the law. .