Kaitani should be charged for May 19 Coup: FLP

  • 17th March 2003
  • 2003
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The Fiji Labour Party has rubbished information minister Saimoni Kaitani’s claim that FLP leader Mahendra Chaudhry has agreed to accept a ‘matanigasau’ from those responsible for the terrorist takeover of parliament in May 2000.

In a statement issued today, Mr Chaudhry said that he had not been approached by anyone from the terrorist group seeking forgiveness. He said that media statements on the issues were being made by those who are now being investigated for their role in the terrorist takeover of parliament.

“The due process of law must take its course and I will not be side-tracked by people who want to stage gimmicks now to protect their own skin,” said Mr Chaudhry.

He questioned why it was taking so long for the police to charge people like Saimoni Kaitani and some other key members in the SDL government against whom there was conclusive evidence of active involvement in terrorist acts.

Mr Chaudhry said there was nothing improper in the victims of the coup taking legal action for damages against the army and the police.

It has been established that several soldiers from the army’s CRW unit were active players in the terrorist takeover of parliament. It has been proven in the treason and mutiny trials of these men that weapons used by the terrorists were smuggled from the RFMF armoury.

The part played by the former police commissioner, Isikia Savua, in the May 19 coup is well known. There is substantial evidence implicating him as a key player in the unlawful takeover of parliament and the subsequent forced removal of Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara. The security forces must take full responsibility for the unlawful actions of rogue elements within their ranks, said Mr Chaudhry.

Mahendra P Chaudhry
Parliamentary Leader