Labour challenges Blog Coup Four and a Half writer

  • 17th August 2009
  • 2009
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Labour Leader Mahendra Chaudhry challenges blog writer for Coup Four and a Half to provide documentary proof of him accusing Ratu Epeli Nailatikau of complicity in the 1987 coup.

The phantom writer says Chaudhry’s accusation against Ratu Epeli was “public and well documented”.

“Well…I challenge him to produce the document(s) and the public statements I made accusing Ratu Epeli of complicity in the coup. This particular writer, a senior personality from one of the dailies, well known for his Chaudhry antipathy, is in the habit of levelling unsubstantiated allegations against me.

“His credibility is definitely on the line unless he can produce evidence to support his claim. I want an exact quote and when and where the statement was made,” Mr Chaudhry said.

Mr Chaudhry said he had always held Ratu Epeli in high regard and was appalled by the mischievous lies printed by the blog writer.

People are getting fed up of these “anonymous” writers who think they can re-create history and malign people at whim simply because they cannot be named and sued for defamation.

If they have guts and are sure of their facts, they should put their names to their articles, and face up to the consequences.

Why be cowardly and hide behind the protection of anonymity?