Labour in a Landslide Victory

  • 21st January 2004
  • 2004
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Fiji Labour Party retained its Tavua Open Constituency seat in a landslide victory on Friday. FLP won the seat in the first count.

In the one day poll, FLP’s Damodran Nair scooped the highest number of votes with 5997 votes, National Federation Party’s Narendra Reddy collected 1865 votes, Ratu Inoke Bokini of SDL collected 3309 votes. The four independent candidates, Iliveleti Waqa received 171 votes, Samu Kautoga 145, Tevita Nakali 152 and Mohammed Janif received 47 votes.

There were 36 polling stations within the constituency with 18,347 voters. Of these, 12,573 votes were cast with 887 invalid votes and 11,686 valid votes. Fifty percent plus one was required to win the seat in the first count that is, 5,844 votes.

Labour’s performance is a repeat of 2001 General Elections and was the third major defeat for the NFP at the national polls.

The people have once again exercised their rights and confirmed that Mr Chaudhry is the undisputed leader of the Indian community in Fiji.