Labour rejects criticism on Crown Lands

  • 6th September 2002
  • 2002
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The People’s Coalition Government had renewed all Schedule A&B leases that had come up for renewal during its term in office.

The Sugar Cane Growers Council chief executive Jaganath Sami’s criticism blaming the People’s Coalition Government for the forced eviction of Indian tenant farmers at Naviyago Drasa is therefore mischievous and unwarranted.

In a statement yesterday Mr Sami had claimed that the evictions would not have taken place had the PC Government renewed leases on Crown land that had expired during its term in office.

“Mr. Sami clearly needs to check his facts before making unwarranted accusations,” Acting Labour Leader Krishna Datt said.

He also refuted claims by National Federation Party leader Prem Singh that it was the Labour-led government that had introduced Bills in Parliament on Schedule A&B lands.

Mr Datt said the Bills had originally been introduced by the previous SVT Government.

“All the People’s Coalition Government did was to put the Bills before the joint parliamentary select committee which was to consult widely before taking any decision on the transfer of Schedule A&B lands,” Mr Datt said.

He has called on the Growers Council and the NFP to stop lying in order to gain false political mileage.

“They should stop colluding with the NLTB and the Qarase administration to attack the Labour Party and the National Farmers Union. Instead Mr Sami should talk about what he has done so far to help alleviate the plight and suffering of evicted farmers, which is practically nothing,” Mr. Datt said.