Labour Senators walkout over Bill

  • 26th June 2003
  • 2003
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Fiji Labour Party Senators walked out during the sitting yesterday in protest of the discrepancies in the Appropriation Supplementary Bill.

The Bill had not accounted for $20million that appeared in the schedule and contradicted the bill.

They said the Upper House has no powers to amend any money Bills and it should be returned to the House of Representatives.

Senator Anand Singh said that $20million is not a small amount and explanations were due, but none were forthcoming from either the Attorney General or the Finance Minister.

The original; Bill sought to regularise $45,672,170 from last years budget. The funds were redeployed from one ministry to another.

The amended Bill sought to change $1,174,246,447 to $1,154,304,817.

Section 49 of the constitution states that any money Bill not passed by the Senate without amendment at the end of the second day must, unless the Lower House otherwise resolves, be presented to the President for assent.

“It is shocking to see the A-G seeking to defend what he is doing under section 49”, said Senator Atu-Emberson Bain.