Mosque Break – in – Cowardly

  • 13th May 2003
  • 2003
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The break-in at Sigatoka Mosque in the early hours of Sunday morning is deplorable and has been branded as an act of cowardice by Sigatoka Parliamentarian, Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi.

The assailants gained entry through a window and ransacked the entire Mosque.

A cleric, Mohammed Sulaman said that they had properly secured the Mosque after prayers on Saturday evening around 7 – 8pm.

He said when he returned on Sunday morning with three other clerics for prayers, he found that the Mosque had been ransacked.

He said the incident had shocked the Muslim community who were preparing for Prophet Mohammed’s birthday on Monday.

An Amplifier valued at $1,500, that was received in donation was stolen.

Mr Sulaman was very emotional and said that their ‘Holy Koran’ must have been kicked around and mishandled.

Police failed to take immediate action. “Police should have taken the fingerprints within the early hours. Furthermore, ‘Police dogs’ should have promptly traced the muddy footprints that were found on the mosque floor”, said Mr Vayeshnoi.

Mr Vayeshnoi has called for a full investigation into the incident.