Multi-Party Judgment to be delivered on notice

  • 26th June 2003
  • 2003
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The decision on the much-awaited multi-party case between the Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase and Fiji Labour Party is not expected this week.

The case was heard in the Supreme Court last Wednesday and was concluded in a day.

The Supreme Court Officials have confirmed that the judgment would be delivered on notice.

The democratically elected Fiji Labour Party (FLP) was refused inclusion in the cabinet, breaching section 99 of the constitution.

Section 99 states that any party that wins 10% of the total number of seats should be invited to form government.

The FLP has won 28 seats and is eligible for 8 cabinet posts.

The four foreign judges who heard the case with Fijian Chief Justice, Daniel Fatiaki, left for their homes on Monday.