Naitasiri Chief faces drunken driving charges

The Naitasiri high chief, Turaga Na Qaranivalu Ratu Inoke Takiveikata, has been charged for driving his van into the Suva waterfront whilst allegedly under the influence of alcohol.

Ratu Inoke was interviewed at the Central Police Station last night and later charged.

The Police Prosecutor Southern confirms that Ratu Inoke is charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and dangerous driving.

The high chief was rescued from the sea near the Suva wharf last Saturday evening by two witnesses and taken to the Colonial War Memorial Hospital, Suva.

Police spokesman Mesake Koroi said Ratu Inoke was intoxicated and in an incapable state at the time.

Police were waiting on Ratu Inoke to recover before interviewing him.

He is to appear in court on 2nd November.

Ratu Inoke is also to appear in the High Court on October 13 for trial on mutiny related charges. He is alleged to have been a central player in the November 2nd mutiny at the army headquarters on November 2nd, 2000. He faces six counts.