Native land well secured under every Constitution

  • 30th October 2012
  • 2012
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Commodore Bainimarama should stop misleading landowners regarding the security of their land which has been well protected under every Constitution, and by political parties in the past.

Speaking at the Salusalu Festival in Lautoka on Saturday, the Prime Minister told landowners from the Ba Province that their land will be “well secured in the new constitution” and protected from “dirty politicians”.

He spoke in Fijian. It is interesting that the Information Ministry has put the PM’s statement on the government web but failed to provide an English translation of the address for the information of those not proficient in the Fijian language.

However, the landowners know that it is Bainimarama himself who is threatening the security of Fijian land with his land policies. Native land is being leased to foreigners on dubious mining deals which are now being questioned by the landowners after they have experienced the negative environmental impact on their land resources from the so-called mining bonanza.

And if by “dirty politicians” he means Indian politicians then Bainimarama should be told that Indian politicians have always respected the ownership of “Fijian” land.

Nor have they ever questioned the entrenchment of these rights in the Constitution.

But the same cannot be said of the new arrivals who may have other plans.