NLTB computer deal questionable – Labour

  • 12th March 2004
  • 2004
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The Fiji Labour Party today expressed concern over media reports that NLTB has awarded tender for information technology services to an overseas company, Tui Consultancy, for over $21 millions dollars.

In a statement issued today, former Attorney General in the People’s Coalition government, Senator Anand Singh said the deal lacked transparency and was marred by allegations that local companies were overlooked although their pricing was significantly lower.

“The tender process was managed in a questionable manner. Of more serious concern is the fact that a condition of the tender include outsourcing which is not in the interest of the local economy,” said Senator Singh.

It is of particular concern to FLP that this company has no track record in Fiji. It is based in a tax haven and it does not appear have the technology or resources to successfully complete the project.

The explanation offered by NLTB is simply unacceptable. For instance, the General Manager of NLTB has repeatedly said that he does not know the final figures for the contract. It is a sad reflection on the NLTB that it has reportedly accepted the tender without settling the issue of price.

It appears that the whole transaction is yet another corrupt and questionable deal. The FLP is aware that the real beneficiary of this suspect deal is DIL, a company incorporated by SDL as vehicle to get pay offs from such corrupt practices.

The FLP challenges the Prime Minister and the SDL to come clean and admit their own stake in the matter and the interest of SDL to secure a “donation” from the Tui Consultancy from this dubious deal.

NLTB should have taken account of the fact that in recent years it has been experiencing declining profits and losses as a result of depleting revenue from lease rental. This deal comes at a time when the landowners, the stakeholders of NLTB are facing the brunt of this financial depression.

The NLTB and the government must not use the institution that represents the interest of the landowners for their personal agenda.

The whole incident has all the hallmarks of the type of leadership and government provided by the SDL. The lack of transparency and questionable dealings are well past tolerable levels in any civilised society and the government ought to take full responsibility for it.

Senator Anand Singh
Fiji Labour Party