NZ rejects flag change: Fiji wants to impose a change

  • 25th March 2016
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New Zealand  has accepted its people’s rejection of a flag change
but the Fiji regime insists on imposing a change despite vehement objections from its people.

In  a democratic decision made through a national plebiscite held on the issue, the Kiwis voted 56.6 against 43.2 in favour of those wanting to retain the current flag.

And as NZ Prime Minister John Key says in response to critics:  Asked whether the referendum process had been worth $26 million given it led to no change, he said it had sparked an “enormous”, healthy debate across the country. “You can’t shy away from a debate or a discussion about nationhood,” he said.

That is the spirit Mr Key.                                                                                                               flag

Unlike Fiji where the current regime is determined to impose
a flag change on the nation despite vehement objections by the
people of Fiji. Through the newspapers, radio talkback shows
and the social media , the people of Fiji have strongly voted to
retain the current flag.

Yet PM Bainimarama insists on going ahead with his scheme to
change the current flag. He has rejected calls for a national referendum
on the issue knowing full well that he will lose the vote.

The sign of a dictator – making it clear that Fiji  remains a dictatorship notwithstanding the 2014 general elections that was rigged anyway.

Learn from truly democratic leaders like John Key, Mr Bainimarama.

Meanwhile, viva  Noble Banner Blue!