Political Parties decree


It is also discriminatory against existing political parties. All existing parties have to apply for fresh registration within 28 days of the effective date of the decree ie 18 January 2013. New parties have until before the Writ of Elections are issued to register.

Any existing party that fails to register according to the provisions of the decree will be deemed to be de-registered, will be wound up and its assets seized by the State.

Officials of the party who continue to function will incur a fine of $50,000 and/or a jail term up to 5 years.

Once an application for registration is lodged, the political party ceases to function as such until its registration is approved by the Registrar. There is no timeline set for approval.

Party registration and membership

To register political parties must tender the names, addresses, Voter ID numbers and signatures of 5000 members to be taken as stipulated from all the four Divisions-

i.          Central   Division – 2000 members

ii.         Western Division – 1750members

iii.       Northern Division – 1000 members

iv.        Eastern   Division –   250 members

  • be accompanied with a registration fee of $5005.00
  • to be signed by at least 5 applicants – who must undertake to be bound by the    decree and the Code of Conduct for political parties
  • Only registered voters can hold elective position in a party or be an applicant for registration of three Party
  • an undischarged bankrupt or person jailed for a period of 6 months or more cannot be a member or official of a party
  • political party names have to be in English

 The Registrar is required to Gazette the application and publish them in the media.

Within 30 days of registration being approved, the party must make a full written disclosure of all assets and expenditure including contributions, donations etc. It must state the source of all funds. The disclosure should be supported by a Statutory Declaration by the Registered Officer of the political party.