Pot calling the kettle black

  • 5th October 2015
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We agree with the appeal by Finance Minister Aiyaz Khaiyum  (FT 5/10) “to everybody to please not steal from the Fiji people”.

Pot and Kettle - "Who are you to judge?"

Pot and Kettle – “Who are you to judge?”

But at the same time, we ask him to explain the following:

Mr Khaiyum, as far as you and the Prime Minister are concerned the people of Fiji also want some answers regarding:

1. The super salaries, reportedly $1m each per annum, you and the PM were secretly paid between 2010 and 2013 through your aunt’s private accounting firm. Despite numerous calls for disclosure, from FLP and other political parties, from the Auditor General’s office as well as the Finance Ministry, both of you have remained silent. More astoundingly, the PM’s office has, and continues to refuse, to disclose the relevant documents to the Auditor General and now even to the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament.

Is not your continued silence and non disclosure of the documents proof enough of your guilt? Does it not tantamount to stealing from the people of Fiji?

2. The unaccounted $100 million from the contingency fund as reported from the Auditor General. Is not the failure of the Finance Ministry to provide proper acquitals and documentation for the disbursements from this fund, tantamount to stealing from the people of Fiji until proven otherwise? We are all still waiting for Finance Ministry to provide the necessary documentation.

3. Are not the payments to the Prime Minister’s credit card accounts without proper acquitals and documents, tantamount to stealing from the people of Fiji?

May we remind you, Finance Minister, even under your style of ‘democracy’, everyone must be presumed equal before the law. You are getting pretty agitated because you suspect something is wrong within FRCA if it is not allowing the Ethical Standards Unit into the Customs Area. Rightly so.

Likewise, we the people of Fiji, feel there is something totally fishy when you refuse to disclose documents pertaining to your pays between 2010 and 2013, particularly when the salaries were paid secretly by your aunt’s accounting firm and not by the Treasury as should be the practice.

We feel there is something not right when Finance Ministry officials cannot provide documents for the disbursement of $100 million from the Contingency Fund. Who knows how much more of the peoples funds may have gone missing in similar fashion?

We feel there is something seriously wrong when PM’s credit card accounts are settled without all the required acquitals in place.

Doesn’t it all tantamount to stealing from the people?

Your self-righteous posturing means little unless you first clean up your own house!