Prem Singh a one-man band opposition leader

  • 23rd August 2002
  • 2002
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Labour Leader Mahendra Chaudhry has shrugged Opposition leader Prem Singh off as a one-man band who lacks credibility and legitimacy.

In a letters to the Editor in response to a letter in today’s Fiji Times by Prem Singh, Mr. Chaudhry wrote as follows:

“Mr. Prem Singh’s diatribe in your letters column of August 23 is understandable. He is desperately seeking credibility and legitimacy as a one-man band opposition leader.

My submission of nominations of FLP Senators to the President through the office of the Leader of Opposition was merely complying with a procedural requirement of the Constitution.

In this case, the opposition leader’s office acts as a post box to merely forward the nominations to the President without any changes.

There were sound reasons for my refusal to accept the office of opposition leader when it was offered to me by the President. But Mr. Singh was easy meat for he considered not the harmful implications of his acceptance on the Indian community. He was apparently lured by the status, the dollars and the perks attached to the office.

Tyrants and despots, Mr Singh, are those who are driven by self-interest as you have so aptly demonstrated. “