Prime Minister’s hypocrisy!

  • 27th November 2015
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Baininmarama’s strong denunciation of the terrorism of the Islamic State in France and elsewhere during an address to the ACP group in Brussels this week, rings hollow when viewed against the horrors he supports and condones in his own country.

Your Qorvis scripted rhetoric in Brussels may sound good, Prime Minister, until one looks at your own repugnant record in Fiji. There have been numerous instances of violence, killings and torture that you have either ordered or condoned starting with the brutality shown to the mutineers of November 2000. There was a litany of violence perpetrated by the army against your critics and opponents after the takeover of December 2006.

You condemn atrocities inflicted by the IS yet your Army in Fiji harbours alleged criminals charged with brutalities and sexual assaults, thus undermining law and order in the country. It gives protection and succor to Police Officers suspended for such brutalities.

Your regime governs through fear and intimidation.

While you grandstand on the issue of terrorism in Europe, your own homeland is being ripped by reports of terrorist activities and seditious plots by those opposed to your dictatorial rule.

Time to come home, Prime Minister, and sort out what is happening here. No doubt we will see more violence perpetrated against the ‘plotters’ once they are uncovered.

After all, isn’t that your own modus operandi?