Proposal to change flag: a ruse to divert attention?

  • 4th February 2015
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The Fiji Flag is a national symbol and the people of Fiji should have the
right to express their will on any changes to be made to it, says
Fiji Labour Party  President Lavinia Padarath.                                 .

“The flag reflects Fiji’s history. It has been with us since independence and there is a lot of sentimentality attached to some of its components. Any  changes to the flag, must, therefore, reflect the express will of the people,”  she said.

If the Prime Minister feels changes are necessary, he should bring the issue to Parliament.

“We cannot rely on his assurance that the process would be inclusive  considering the many occasions in the recent past when he has gone back on his word and reneged on his promises,” she said.

Mr Bainimarama should realise that in a parliamentary democracy issues of national importance should be approved by the House. The people of Fiji must decide whether they want the flag changed and if so, what the changes should be.

FLP, however, believes controversy on the flag is being deliberately stirred up  by the Prime Minister as a ruse to divert attention from his  government’s failure to deliver on its promises.