Rebels planned to blow up Westpac/ANZ bldgs

  • 19th February 2003
  • 2003
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A rebel soldier claims that part of the May 2000 coup plan was to blow up the headquaters of the Westpac and ANZ bank buildings in Suva.

CRW soldier Salesi Tuifagalele who had been closely involved in the planning and execution of the coup, said the plan was to dynamite the tqo prominent Suva buildings as part of the coup.

Tuifagalele was testifying in the treason trial of former journalist Josefa Nata and politician Timoci Silatolu, co-conspirators with George Speight who is serving a life sentence on Nukulau Island for treason.

The plan was abandoned when the rebels failed to obtain the dynamite needed to make bombs to destroy the buildings.