Reply to Coup Four Point Five trash

  • 25th November 2010
  • 2010
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It seems Coup Four Point Five is trying to detract attention from its own failings and inaccuracies by reverting to Chaudhry bashing again.

The blogsite is becoming quite notorious for its sensational and false reporting and we have had occasion to point this out before.

Its latest attempt to discredit Labour Leader Mahendra Chaudhry is yet another bit of malicious propaganda which actually fails to live up to its promo to shed sensational new light on the Chaudhry tax case.

The matter is now before the courts as Coup Four Point Five should well know and is subjudice. But such legalities don’t seem to matter to the blog when it comes to maligning certain people.

The writers well know that the issues highlighted on the blog are the very same as those raised in a frenzied media hype some three years ago which had led to the appointment of an independent inquiry by the interim government.

The inquiry cleared Mr Chaudhry of all the allegations. The findings of the inquiry were accepted by the interim government as acknowledged in a letter from the Prime Minister to Mr Chaudhry and as stated in a media release issued by the interim Attorney General.

It is shameful that the attacks on the Coup Four Point Five blog continue to be launched in a most cowardly manner under the protection of anonymity. Nonetheless, we are well aware of the identity of those writing such crap, and what has prompted this sudden switch to Chaudhry bashing.

Let me assure our detractors, that they gain nothing by their attempts to malign and discredit the Labour Leader where it really counts. His respect and support remain intact.

Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi