Response to PM Qarase’s allegations on multi-party cabinet

  • 29th October 2003
  • 2003
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Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase does not fool anyone by proclaiming that FLP is to be blamed for keeping the Indian community out of his cabinet, said FLP parliamentary leader Mahendra Chaudhry.

Mr Chaudhry was responding to allegations made by Mr Qarase when addressing government appointed national advisory councillors.

Indeed, Mr Qarase must take the sole responsibility for fanning the fires of ethnic divide in order to deprive the Indian community of its proper place in the governance of Fiji, said Mr Chaudhry.

“If Mr Qarase thinks I will accept the insults he is hurling at the Indian community then he is barking up the wrong tree.

“The prime minister must learn to respect the Indian community for its immense contribution to Fiji’s development. FLP must be recognised as an equal partner in any multi-party cabinet arrangement. We want all aspects of the power sharing provisions properly implemented.

“Mr Qarase is showing nothing but contempt of the constitution by offering FLP token portfolios. Indeed, he has acted unconstitutionally right from the start and we will have none of it.

We know how to deal with the current situation and that is exactly what we are doing whether Mr Qarase likes it or not is immaterial,” said Mr Chaudhry.