Sugar Reform Will Fail

  • 4th June 2003
  • 2003
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The proposed sugar restructure is destined to fail since it does not address the farmers’ concern.

Fiji Sugar General Workers Union (FSGWU) secretary, Felix Anthony said the restructure process was raised by the FSC to rescue itself from the awkward position it had found itself in.

Despite numerous meetings with the Prime Minister regarding the matter, there was no progress. The meetings have always ended in turmoil.

Furthermore, FSC was trying to dictate terms to the stakeholders and this is unacceptable to the parties involved.

The proposal put forward by the FSC is like their log of claims where they are demanding and refusing certain issues.

The new restructure plan abolishes the old restructure plan that has been in existence since the establishment of the industry, the Master Awards and the rail transportation.

Mr Anthony said the major concern was the fact that FSC was blaming the farmers for the hardships faced by the company when they were brought about due to mismanagement

FSGWU will closely monitor the progress and liase with National Farmers Union (NFU) on the progress.

“There should be equal partnership in the decision-making and unless the government considered the roles and responsibilities of the farmers and workers in the industry, the restructure will fail”, said Mr Anthony.