Talanoa off until PM shows more concern for other races, says Labour

  • 11th September 2002
  • 2002
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The Fiji Labour Party considers the Prime Minister’s call for a resumption of Talonoa talks hollow in view of his utter lack of consideration for Fiji’s non-indigenous communities.

The FLP will not consider any resumption of talks until the Prime minister and his government show greater understanding and sympathy for the plight of other communities, President Mrs. Jokapeci Koroi said.

“If the Prime Minister is sincere about the Talanoa talks, he should comply with the Constitution and include the FLP as part of his government.

“Once this is done, then land and constitutional issues can be dealt with on a bi-partisan basis,” Mrs. Koroi said.

The Labour President said the current environment in Fiji was not conducive to constructive dialogue on important national issues.

“Mr. Qarase’s defence of his Ministers and senior party members who hurled insults at the Indian community and his authoritarian style of government do not promote an atmosphere of tolerance and goodwill necessary for constructive dialogue,” Mrs. Koroi said.

“The continuing harassment and illegal eviction of Indian tenant farmers by so-called landowners without any action taken by his government is another example of his lack of concern for the welfare of of communities other than his own,” she said.