• 17th June 2003
  • 2003
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Labour Member of Parliament for Nadroga has called on the Land Transport Authority and the government to exercise responsibility and demonstrate respect for the provisions of Land Transport (Public Service Vehicles) Regulations 2000 (LTA Act – No. 35 of 1998)

LTA’s decision on the issue of 5% bus fare increase without following proper procedures demonstrates high-handedness on its part and reflects poorly on its obligation to the public. Cabinet approval of this unlawful increase is yet another example of government’s lack of compassion for the ordinary people.

“Land Transport authority is acting arrogantly by trying to undermine my appeal and obviously there is an attempt to sabotage the hearing,” said Mr. Vayeshnoi.

The basis of the appeal is a challenge to procedure followed by LTA to consider and grant the increases without proper notice to the public of application for the increase by the Bus Operators Association. The Land Transport Regulations require and sets out mandatory provision for the advertisement of an application for amendment to the permit.

The purpose and intent of the advertisement is to allow the general public an opportunity to make representations to the LTA prior to it making any decision.

“LTA and government’s action on this matter is a sheer dictatorship. It is clear both the government and LTA have no regard for the public and its views, it doesn’t matter to them,” said Mr. Vayeshnoi.

“It is believed that LTA, government and the Bus Operators Association conspired in this saga. Therefore there shouldn’t be any further delay in convening of the tribunal deliberations”, said Mr. Vayeshnoi.

Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi